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Sunday, September 6, 2009


A few years ago, my Mom and I went to visit my Aunt in California. It was there that I found Squirt soda.

I loved Squirt soda so much, that I brought some home. It's sweet yet citrusy and just sooo yummy. So, when I saw it in the beverage store, I had to buy it.

I like it. And it reminds me of my Aunt Angie.

When we came home, Tom gave it a try and when I looked over at him, I, how weird life is. When I had gone to California and found Squirt, Tom wasn't in my life. And now, he's my husband.

But, as he stood in our kitchen, I also thought to myself, my Aunt isn't here anymore.

Why is that Tom, My Aunt and I couldn't have shared a Squirt together?

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