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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday. We met when she was 22...;)

There has been so much change since her 50th birthday. She made big life decisions. And watched some big life choices her children made too.

She has had to say goodbye to some of her biggest loves..her Mom and her Sister.

And she has had to move numerous times.

But through it all, she shines. Always shines. No matter what, my Mom shines.

Today she got a cake at work from Tom and I. Flowers from her friends. Yesterday, a case of her favorite wine from Kenny.

Tonite, some of her favorite people will take her to dinner. And Sunday, we will have breakfast at our house, together.

Mom, I know you have seen a lot of change. And I know it hasn't been all good, or all easy. But, look around. Look at all the people who love you...and whose love for you will never change.

You're my best friend. My favorite person to be with. And you keep me sane on my craziest days. Like I say, if not for you, I'd be like that pile of sticks on the side of the road. The one that everyone just drives by and never looks at. You help me to be me. To be more. To be better. And to pick up the pieces, stand up and start again.

I hope your next 60 years is all bright sunshine and only tears of joy. Good things are coming...I just know it!



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