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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Kitty Story

A new kitten.
We were scared.
Would it effect our other pets?
Is our house too small?

A 6 hour car ride there.
We meet her. We put her down, on the grass.
The kitty runs across the street.
There is a chase.
But they catch her.

A 7 hour car ride home, with a new kitten.

Then....the hissing. The scratching. the growling.
Jenn yells, bring it back.
Tom says, let's give it time.
And the kitten's teeth seem to get bigger and growl louder.
Jenn can't sleep because she is afraid she may get eaten.

The sun rises. Then their friend, Debbie, comes. She talks to the kitty. Softly. And before long purrs.

Jenn and Tom are estatic!!! It was fear. She wasn't a mean cat. She was a scared cat. And they were just nervous parents.

They take turns for two days, sitting on the floor with the kitty. Hopeful. And as Jenn watches Tom with Miss Kitty Cat, her heart melts. Because she sees a side of him that she hasn't seen before. And it makes her fall in love with him....again.

We could have gave her back. I almost did. I was so concerned about what a mean cat would do to our quiet house, I was willing to give up. Didn't want to trust. I was scared.....just like that cat.

And now this kitty has turned into the sweetest gift. She gorgeous. She is a talker. A people lover and full of personality. I look at what I would have lost if not for Tom's faith in her...and think I'm lucky for his faith.

What did Jenn learn?

Cat's are like people. When they don't trust, they aren't themselves. Aren't free to shine. Or smile. Or learn. Or take pictures ...or make jewelry.

They are too scared to do anything else.

But with the gift time, we can rebuild our faith and believe. Cats and people.

Welcome to our home, Phoebe Coco Jorgensen! And thank you for what you have taught me already.