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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boy and Dog

Boy and Dog
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Taco was the highlight of our wedding. He was the ring bearer, and the cutest one at that.

I took this picture two days before the wedding, in Woodstock.

Tom and I didn't go on a "real" honeymoon. We instead spent a few days before and a few days after the wedding, in Woodstock.

We stayed in the most beautiful renovated barn on a lake, and it was just perfect. Now, normally people don't take their kids with them on their honeymoon. But, we did. Taco and Charlie took the ride to Woodstock with us...and stayed in the cabin too.

Why? Because we felt they should be part of our wedding story, as they are a huge part of our life.

Tom always said, where there is two, there is four. Now he says, where there is two there is five(since Phoebe). And it's true.

I feel lucky to be part of this unique, furry family.

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