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Friday, November 13, 2009

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On FB my friend Donna posted a link about updating your status with something you are grateful for, om now till Thanksgiving. I thought I would share my thankful thing of the day with you.

Today I am thankful for my green, knit blanket from Anthropologie. I bought it two years ago, online. It was $198. But I got it for 40 bucks!!! So, I bought two. One for me and one for Tom.

It's thick and long. It has holes in it, which is part of the style. Tom isn't crazy about his because it lets cold air in. But, I am usually too warm so it's perfect.

With our new addition, Phoebe, the blanket has extra charm. It allows for the occasional toe to stick out at around 5am. She thinks it's an invitation to play. Well, no it's not. But, I let her bite my toes anyway because getting any affection from her is accomplishment.

I sometimes wear my green blanket like it's a cape. Seriously. No, I don't pretend that I'm a super hero. I love to wear it over my shoulders while I drink my coffee. Especially on Saturdays.

It washes well. It doesn't pill. And it looks good even when you leave it on the couch and forget to put it away.

Usually, I buy everything in blue. But, this green purchase is one of my favorites. It follows me around my house and brings me comfort.

It's a simple green blanket. Bought from my favorite store. And used in my favorite place..home.

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