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Friday, November 20, 2009

He May Have More to Offer

For the past few months, Tom and I have seen a possibly homeless man walking around our neighborhood. Once, when I was at a light, I saw him singing and smiling. So, I smiled back. He said, "I can't help it, I like to have a good time!". I said, "me too".

That saying has stuck with me. There he was, walking with a shopping cart, wearing mardi gras beads and a purple sweatshirt. And while the outfit may have really struck some people, what struck me was his smile.

Soon after that, we saw him at 7-11, he asked us for one dollar. We came back out and gave him $3 and a bottle of water. I kept saying to Tom, let's buy him a good drink like a Yoo-Hoo. He probably never gets Yoo-Hoo. But, Tom being more sensible said, you don't know if he drinks that kind of stuff and water is probably the best choice. So, we gave him the water and he graciously took it.

Since then I've seen him many times. Some nights he is wrapped up in a blanket, by the bus stop. Other times, I've seen him walking and wearing a red sports jacket, like he is going somewhere fancy for dinner. I wonder about his story. Curious as to why he is walking 25a so much. But mainly, I'm curious as to how he keeps that bright smile through it all.

Some might look at him as a man who doesn't seem to have much. But, I look at him as a man to admire. He has some type of faith behind that big smile, even though things look as if they are tough for him.

He looks happy, and peaceful. Unlike many people who have much more.

I want to hug him. Invite him in for dinner. Then I think, I wouldn't do that with anyone else I don't know because they would think it was weird. Why wouldn't he?

I can't impose my judgement that he needs me on him. And I'm sort of embarrased by my assumption.

Truth is, he may have more to offer.

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