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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love Lemon

I love lemon. Love it.

I don't like water. Don't.

A few months ago I had a kidney stone. Probably not enough water.

Well, I found my little miracle. It's called True Lemon.

Sure, I could cut up lemons before I leave the house in the morning, but I don't. Or should I say I won't. I'm not that organized. And most of the time I buy lemons, I forget about them until they are rotten.

Well, True Lemon is my saving grace. A friend of my introduced me to this about a month ago and I'm so hooked. It all natural. It's powder, in individual packets that you can add to your water, ice tea, etc....

There is also True Lime and True Orange. I've tried those too, and they are yummy.

I usually add 3 packs to each water bottle as I like it extra tart.

You can get a free sample, here...

Just thought I'd share my little bit of happy!

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