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Thursday, November 26, 2009

To AA on Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving. My first one without you.

Last night I was making cranberries and I started thinking back to the year you came to NY, to my house, Thanksgiving. You made the cranberries.

It was the first time I was hosting Thanksgiving and I remember being so excited because you were coming. Aunt Angie was coming to my house for Thanksgiving. How lucky was I?

And now here I am 7 years later, making cranberries in my kitchen. And knowing, I'll never, ever have that chance again. The chance to have you over for Thanksgiving.

I should have shared Thanksgiving with you last year, when you were still here. I didn't know it would be your last, but that is no excuse. I've learned, painfully, you never know how much time you have left, with anyone. And you should live each holiday, treasuring every single second.

It's not about the gifts, the turkey, the napkins on the table.

It's about the moments you freeze frame in your heart and carry with you. And, AA, I have so many of those moments with you.

Love you always,


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