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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Nanny at Christmas Time..

Dear Nanny,

The fire truck just came down the block with Santa riding on the back. I immediately thought of you. How you would wait and wait for him to come. And as soon as you heard the sirens you were at that front door. You made us excited for the Santa sighting.

Well, Tom and I heard the sirens. And i jumped from the table and grabbed Taco and ran to the door. Tom followed. He gave the firetruck the thumbs up while I waved my hand, then handed him Taco and grabbed the camera. Sure, we looked kind of silly. But I don't care. It was fun.

You taught me so much about fun. How it was ok to be silly. And how to laugh. I am such your clone now. Sure, in my early adult years I tried to be all mannered and cool, but those days are gone. Now, I'm the loud lady yelling out the front door at Santa. The chic with the pots and pans banging on New Years Eve. And I love myself for it.

Thank you, Nanny for making the traditions I will never let go off...because they are now part of me.


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