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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fur Kids Always Know

Phoebe has been the most challenging fur kid we have ever had. Shes is the perfect cat in every way, except she refuses affection. She will not let us pick her up or give her any affection. When we got her when she was 16 weeks, she was unsocialized. The person who had her before us, did not introduce her to people...only cats. So basically, she is afraid of us.

This has been so hard because in this house we kiss our fur kids, dress our fur kids and baby our fur kids. We are usually all in the same room. We took our fur kids on our honeymoon..hello, we are nuts!

Anyways, this weekend, Phoebe has started to come out of her shell. She has been letting us pick her up and is not running from us as she usually does. We feel like this is huge progress for our little girl and our so proud of her accomplishment. I'm not saying she can't wait to see us or anything. I'm just saying....things are getting better.

I think fur kids know. They know when you need them. Know when you are worried and sad. And, even if they are just as afraid as you....they reach out to try to help.

Fur kids always know...even Phoebe!!

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