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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tree Of Hope

It's true. The tree of hope is in your backyard. Look, and you'll see it!

All proceeds made from the sale of this print will go to LI OCEANS INC-Long Island Ovarian Cancer Education Advocacy Network Support. LI OCEANS a Beacon of Hope
LI OCEANS Inc supports women with Ovarian and Gynecologic cancer to make active choices in their recovery that help to lessen psychosocial stressors, loss of control, loss of hope and ensures that no woman faces ovarian or Gynecologic cancer alone. We believe that in making informed choices about your health care, you can feel less alone, regain control and most importantly, find a renewed sense of hope.
These ladies are amazing!!!!!!!!!

Note, if you wish, I will send your print to a recipient of your choice, with a note saying the proceeds went to Oceans.!!

It's for all the ladies you love.

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