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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Haircuts

This photo is from 2006. It was right after I gave Taco a really bad haircut. It was the worst haircut a little dog could have and I could swear I saw all the other dogs laughing when I walked him.

But he didn't care. Cause Taco's good like that. He loves me so unconditionally. Right now he is laying behind me. Curled up on my blanket. Loving me, and forgetting all about that bad hair cut in 2006. And all the bad haircuts that followed.

He is such a special dog. He makes me laugh and cry and love and smile. He never judges me. Loves all my clothes. Doesn't mind my bad hair days. And is always happy to share a snack.

I simply adore him. Even when his Momma gives him a bad haircut. Again.

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