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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Start Voting Tomorrow!!

Hi All!

Tom's band, UZ3, made it to WRCN's top 10 Bands in their Rock Idol Contest. This Monday, March 29th, starts the vote. Basically whoever gets the most votes over the next two weeks wins. So we hope you will vote(daily). I know it's sort of a pain, but it would be really good for publicity if they win and I know it would mean the world to them(and me).

One of each of the top 10 bands original songs is on the site now. Theirs is "Evil In Me". Next week the post a cover for each band. Tuesday morning they will interview the band, live at 7am on WRCN.

So, if you could log on to and vote daily ..that would be awesome.

Please remember, it's a daily please vote every day. Thank you!! Please pass this on to everyone!!

xoxoxo Jenn Jorgensen

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