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Monday, March 1, 2010

Studio Not Shower!!

I took this photo of Tom in his makeshift studio over the weekend. I was hysterical after I posted it on Facebook and a friend wrote me, thinking he was in the shower!

It's actually a TTV Photo. Through the viewfinder of an old camera, but taken with my digital camera. It gives it a great, old, "messy" look. I love it!

When I told Tom, he cracked up and said...would I wear headphones in the shower? First I laughed, but then I thought to, maybe!

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glenda said...

Hi fellow ttv lover...
I do so many things, I can't always get around to working with the ttv...but I do love it...I tried to explain it to a friend, her response was..."Why would you want to do that." what a hoot...
I enjoyed your blog..
I just started one on ttv, if I can remember the name of it...only one post on it...
I enjoy your blog.