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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend 2010

Went to Westhampton, to Simon's bakery. Watched Tom play the drums. Ate cupcakes with my Mom, brother and brother in laws. Oh, and pizza too. Shopped with my brother in law Steve. Heard barber shop singers. Drank coffee. Laughed with my Mom.

Went to a party. Walked there. To a friend who lives close enough to walk to. Sat with strangers. And laughed.

Ate dinner with my family, for my birthday(and Steve's) at my Mom's. Yummy food. And yummy cake. Then went back to Rocky Point, with my family and watched the fireworks. On the beach.

Got a new ipod. New lens attachment. Starbucks gift cards. And some funky shoes.

Grateful for every moment. Every smile. Every hug. And all the love.

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