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Friday, July 2, 2010

Bring It On.

Today is my birthday. I love my birthday. While some people hide from the cake, I say bring it on.

I know I border on obnoxious when it comes to this day. I send everyone reminders. I make an amazon wishlist two months before. If I have your email, your probably getting a copy of it.

I'm not sure why I have become such a birthday diva. I'm not like this any other day. Maybe it's because I'm becoming just like my grandmother. Or maybe it's the realization that life is short, and precious and that I'm lucky to be here.

Or maybe it's not that deep.

Maybe it's because, as a child, my Mom made us feel that our birthday was important. She always made a big deal out of our birthdays. Made us excited. Bought us wonderful gifts. Cakes. Yummy food. She made our birthdays in so many ways.

For instance, when I woke today on my 38th birthday, my first thought was the present on the counter. Now, Tom doesn't know about the present on the counter(well, he will now). When we were young, my Mom always gave us a small gift, with a card for us to open soon as we got up. More presents came with cake that night, but it was always that little token gift that felt so big.

We were summer babies, my brother and I, so we were always home on our birthdays. As we got older, and woke after she left for work, she would leave the "counter top" gift out for us to open. And to this day, I get excited about the thought.

Sweetly wrapped gift.
Picked special for me.
With words placed carefully in an envelope.
From her.

How can you not love a day, that is declared special, by someone so very special?

I love my birthday.

Sweetly wrapped.
Picked special for me.

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday!! I don't blame you- Birthdays should be a big deal! :)