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Monday, July 19, 2010

Things I'm Not

I thought instead of writing about things I am(which I do alot), I'd write about things I'm not. Fellow blog buddies, you may want to do it too! It might be fun to see what we have in common(or should I say not in common?).

I'm not...

a fan of driving.
someone who likes raisins.
a smoker.
a drinker.
or a candlestick maker.
i'm not tall.
i'm not sad.
i'm not loud.
or pretentious.
i'm not good in the heat.
i'm not a phone person.
i'm not a sports fan.
i'm not a television watcher.
i'm not a republican.
i'm not a democrat.
i'm not Norweigan(but my husband is).
i'm not a school teacher.
or a paralegal.
i'm not in a band.
i'm not a good singer.
i'm not a skier.
or a swimmer.
i'm not a rule breaker.
i'm not giving up.
i'm not someone who let's things go to easily.
i'm not always as unphased as I may seem.
i'm not good at not cursing.
i'm not ever gonna give up my coffee. or chocolate.
i'm not the person who will smile at you, because it's polite.
i'm not the girl who will accept less than what i need.
i'm not someone who joins clubs.
i'm not a person who will easily conform when it doesn't feel right.
i'm not anyone but me.

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Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

cool idea! I might just do it! Interesting list!