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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Used To Live There

Today was a good day.
We went to drop off a gift to a friend.
Then went to Sayville and got pizza.
And bought toffee pretzels.
Then went to a park.
And then got a slurpee.
The weather was beautiful.
And so was the company.

And, on the way home, we passed the exit to my old house.
I said to Tom, I used to live there.
And he said to me, that doesn't seem that long ago, yet, it feels live forever.
I said, I know. It's so weird. Sometimes, I feel like I used to live there, but sometimes I feel like that was someone else's life.

I used to live there. But, I'm not so sure the girl I am now ever met the girl was I then.

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