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Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Window

We put in a new window yesterday. I freakin' lOOOOOOVE it.

Long story short.
$300 bucks for window
$300 bucks to get it here(two ferry rides to conneticut and then a truck rental)(we tried to get it w/our truck first, but it was too big to fit. Hense, the two trips).
Installation paid to family and friends with bagels and my Mom's pumpkin cookies.

And here it is. My freakin' awesome window. Before the renovation starts and siding goes up, I wanted to replace whatever windows we could. And I wanted a window for my pets to be able to sit in and this was everything I wanted, and more. It's like a greenhouse on my wall.

Next, sheetrock and molding. But, that's fun stuff.

I'm getting so so so so so so so excited about this renovation!!!

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