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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Sparkle You Will Never Forget

So about 7 years ago, I bought this candle/chanderlier thingy at the flower shop I used to work at. My boss/friend, Bill, let me buy it for half price. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the store was really quiet and I was telling him how much I loved it. And then, he offered me a deal.

Bill passed away 3 years later.

Fast foward to last weekend. I was looking at it, and thinking about how crazy life is and how even though I had more expensive things in my life that I have left behind, how this piece was important enough to me to carry it along. And as I was staring at the piece, I realized, the "crystals" were plastic! Yuk!!!!! Nothing worse then fake crystal. Even if it's good fake crystal.

So, it was time for a makeover.

First, I painted and distressed the metal. Then, I started telling Tom that I was going to look for new crystals on Ebay, as to which he reminded me of the bag of crystals I had out in the barn. Yeah! I totally forgot about the bag of vintage crystals I had bought on ebay. They were from a 1920's chandelier. Perfect!

So, I cleaned them. Removed the plastic junko crapo. And then wired in the good stuff. I couldn't believe the difference!

I'm sure Bill would be happy to see the new life in this piece. And he would be happy to know, this piece will never be something I leave behind. Just like I'll never leave him behind. I'll always take him with me wherever I go.

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