Songs I'm Liking Right Now

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've been writing a lot of quirky songs lately...and here is one.

whatever happened to you
with your worn out shoes
you with your tongue so mean
your the greediest boy
i've ever seen

you thought the grass
would be so pretty
you thought the sky
would be so bright
you thought leaving me was a ticket
for your freedom
but instead
you got a one way flight.
back to you.

with your fake sunglasses
with your smile glued on.
you with your fancy umbrella.
you'll need it for the tears that roll on.

you thought you'd run and never look back
you thought you find that perfect view
but instead, you found
you didn't know
what was good for you

but i did.
not you.


martienna said...

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martienna said...

i like ur blog ! :)
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