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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Strange, but good.

So strange, I thought to myself as I sat in my brother in law's living room tonite.
How did I get here? Sharing Christmas dinner with three men? How did this Italian girl end up sharing a holiday with three Norweigian boys?

So strange, I thought this morning, as I watched my Mom open more gifts from her guy, Kenny, then I had seen her open in all her 30 years married to my father.

Where life takes us, we can never predict. And as I grow older I realize that that can be good thing. Maybe what we predict will happen, just isn't right for us. And maybe life has it's own way of figuring out where our next step will lead to.

So strange, I think to myself. But, oh so good.

Merry Christmas Blogging Buddies!

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