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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Like Starting Over

So after the construction, we were left with no green on the property. Not even a tree. Seriously.

So, we are starting over.

We spent yesterday shopping for some green stuff(and for me, this is pure heaven). Nothing make me happier than plant shopping. Seriously.

When the day started off, Tom was like, oh nooooo. Shopping. Spending Money. Yuk.
But, by the end of the day, he was smiling, happy and excited about the new stuff.

Yes, starting over again. But, hey, nothing wrong at a second chance at making it beautiful.


DebbieInGeorgia said...

oh 2nd chance on landscape ,,how totally awesome and I love that you met him on thats 100% awesome!! I dont know you but yet im so happy for you!!! Enjoy the new landscaping and the fun of it all

Faith said...

LOVE the effect on these photos!! Did you do that with a special lens or in post-processing?

River Properties Inc said...

Yay! Sometimes a blank canvas is the best opportunity to get exactly what you want and need. I'm sure it will be fantastic!