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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not About Me

To The Bully This May Concern:

I thought I had seen the worst of all evils in my life.
I mean, I had Cancer.
But, strangely, you were a Bully worse than Cancer.
Because Cancer was never my friend.
And you were.

Let's be honest here,
It was never about me, was it?
You pretended it was, as all good bullies do.
Pretending it was me, was easier than seeing the truth,
It was you.
It was always you.

You were a friend.
Yes, a friend.
And I thought you would be a friend until I was a blue haired lady and you a gray haired man.
But you erased that all, in just a few key strokes.

I wanted to call you and ask why me?
But, logic took over and told me that would only encourage you to call back.
I wanted to write you and ask you why me?
But, logic took over and told me that would only encourage you to type back.
But, even if called or wrote, I know now, that it wouldn't have mattered.
Because, it was never really about me anyway.

At the time though,
I was sure it was.
Because that is what victims think.
They think about what they did to deserve it.
They think about what they could or should have done differently.
And they wear the cruel words, like a T-shirt, for all the world to see.
And they feel ashamed.

I want you to know, I no longer wear that T-shirt.

I wore it for two years.  But, it wore out and faded, and I replaced it with a new T-Shirt labeled, Why You? Because this, like Cancer, was not my choice. It was yours.

And, I know now, that you were both a disease that was never about me. And you, like Cancer, were never my friend.



If you are victim of bullying, remember this, it's not about you. It was never about you. And it will never be about you. It’s always about them.

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