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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yeah For Our Driveway!

So, we finally got a new driveway yesterday. I'm as excited as a girl can be about chunks of gravel. Seriously.

The cement trucks ruined our driveway when we had construction done. Really ruined it. I mean, our driveway had potholes. But, last night I came home to find a beautiful, blue stone carpet to drive on. And I am thrilled.

The company that did the work(, was awesome. They came, did the work and cleaned up afterward(I know that sounds silly but can I tell you, no one cleans up?). I was so very impressed. A company with pride and a good worth ethic(finally!). This whole construction process has left Tom and I feeling so disheartened with the work ethic of those who do construction, repair, etc.. But, this experience has given us hope. I wish all the people we had to deal with over the past 6 months were as good as Pelligrino when it came to customer service.

Three cheers for our new driveway! I love you already!

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