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Monday, August 22, 2011

One Day

I read the book.
Could not put it down.
I loved the book so much that I asked Tom to read it, just so we could talk about it.
I cried my eyes out.
But, the beauty of the story made me countdown the days until the movie came out.

I was almost afraid to see the movie, cause lets face it, the movies are never as good as our imagination is. I was afraid the movie would somehow taint the beautiful story in mind. But, for the first time ever, for me, I can honestly say, the movie was almost as good as the book.

Adapted from the bestselling novel, One Day is the story of Dex and Emma, college graduates who meet on July 15th 1988. The story follows them through the next two decades of their life. And their stories are told both as individuals and as the two of them. Both characters, are loveable in their own. Dex, a little less loveable because of his often obnoxious nature, but still, you can't help but feel for the guy.

They both need to change to become the person they were meant to be with. Life at for sight? No. But love, yes.

Some might feel it's too melancholy. It's a simple story. Not a lot of flash or "excitement". But, I think that's the beauty in it.

If your like me, in love with love stories...this is for you. I recommend starting with the book and giving your imagination the chance to create it's own version of the story.

So, so good. It's been four days and I still can't get the images from the movie out of my head.

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