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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

See you again, My Dear Friend.

Today, my friend passed away. My dear friend, Marylou.

We worked for the same place.
Went to the same doctor.
Walk the same roads.
Live in the same town.
We shared the same cancer.

Moments after I heard of her passing, I went to find some silence... As I walked passed the kitchen window(at work), something caught my eye. I saw geese. But not one. At least 40. Walking single file. Almost marching. It was so beautiful watching these little creatures, walking alone, yet together....all going to the same place. And I thought, I'm going to see Marylou again. Just like those geese, we may arrive at different times, but we are going to the same place.

I'll see you again, Marylou.

I love you always. You are the bravest person I have ever met. With a zest for life, I have never seen before. As Alina said, you know Peace now....

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suziart said...

I am so sorry. But what yousaw was a type of message...and you knew it! Beautiful.