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Monday, January 23, 2012


I need to play. It took me to the age of 40 to realize this.

Our society doesn't give play enough credit. If we don't play, we don't grow. Yet, people look at play as never growing up. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Play means different things to different people. My play, may not be your play. But that doesn't matter.

Try it.

-Go buy some toys.
-Find a spot where you can be you.
-Schedule your time.
-"Waste" time.
-Do not feel guilty.
-Make the play your own.

Now of course you can't play all the time, heck, someone has to pay for the toys, but do play often. Often enough that when you are in a stressful moment, you can think of your play time, and feel like things aren't so bad because you have play to look forward to.

Here is something I made during my play time. I bought paper clay, wax, paint, plaster and printed a picture on tracing paper. I tried different things. Made a mess. Got my hands dirty. Didn't follow all the rules. Stopped for a snack. Enjoyed myself.

What's your play?

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