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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty Little Lights

I love colored glass. I love vintage finds. So, it came as no suprise to myself that the first time I met a vintage, electrical insulator, I fell in love. I pick them up at thrift stores and on Etsy. Up until now, I've used them as garden decor and window decoration. But,now they have a new life as pretty, little lights.

I saw some beautiful table lights and chandeliers made from glass insulators. And while I think they are worth every penny, I have to say they are pricey. And although they are not in my budget right now, I have found something that is....dollar store, battery operated tea lights! Mix them with the glass insulators and guess what? You have your self some insulator lights.

Step 1.
Grab your insulator.

Step 2.
Grab your battery operated tea light.

Step 3.
Cover the tea light with the insulator.

Step 4.
Watch as the light doesn't go out when you cover it with the insulator(no real flame)and look, no ugly cord.

I'm loving these DIY insulator lights. Really, you could use the concept with anything. If you try it out, I'd love to see your pretty lights.

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