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Monday, June 4, 2012

This Is My Enough

A new photograph of mine, titled, "This Is My Enough".

I've been going through a lot of "enoughs" lately. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm tired.  Or that I'm getting older. Or that, my tolerance is getting smaller.  
Or, maybe I'm becoming even more sensitive(is that possible?).
Or, maybe, I'm just seeing things clearer.
I really don't know.
Whatever it is, it's has made me build walls in rooms I didn't know existed.
Maybe it's because this past year has left me with so many cuts,
And opened wounds, 
That I've had to guard,
For fear of infection.
And I'm tired of scars, that don't remind me of my strength.
But instead, remind me of my weakness.
Sitting and watching and waiting for my wounds to heal,
Is time wasted.
I want to live my life.
I've spent too much time listening to the sounds of the night, ,
And too little time living in the light of the day.
And I'm trying to fill the holes in my sky,
That need fixing.
And that doesn't mean I've changed.
It just means my priorities have shifted.
Or had to shift.
So that I can grow.
And live.
     With only scars that remind me of my strengths.
  And my wounds closed so they can heal.

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