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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Hubcap

Sitting here with you, On a ordinary Saturday night. Your telling me about the Vampire story. You would tell, If you would write. We are watching our fire pit fire, Sitting with our dog. I'm sipping on my red, And your putting on another log. I find my heart smiling, At the simplicity of our life. And while I don't know how I found you, I do know that its right. All the things that never happened, All the debts that I prepaid, They seem like someone elses life, Since my happy soul, you made. I have my stories, And you do, too. But my best chapters written, Are the ones I've spent walking with you. Seven years, tomorrow. On a Sayville street, you came into my sight. I will never take for granted, That cup of coffee that changed my life.

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