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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Little Dude

Our little dude.
We both adore him so much it's crazy.
He turned 15 in September.
And though sometimes, I see the age in him,
Most of the time,
He has the energy of a much younger dog.
We laugh as I tell people he came with me, like part of a package.
Tom says that he is the Dad he had the longest.
And both are true.
Where I would go, Taco would too.
And Tom has been the longest Dad he will ever have. 
I want him to live forever,
But I know the truth, he won't.
So I try to brace myself for the day he won't be here anymore.
I want to be strong, for both Taco and for Tom.
But, I'm not sure I can be.
How can you be strong about a dog that made your heart so soft?

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