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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Great Starter or Retirement Home.....

I remember the day I read the ad. Great starter or retirement home....beach rights. I thought to myself how could a retired person buy that house? It needs so much work.

But, Tom and I, we could take this on. I think he has a hammer.

I can't tell you the moment I started looking at I have no idea. I mean sure, I was looking for a house for myself when I first knew I was getting divorced. I even had a mortgage pre-approved. But, the day I started looking for a place for two...I can't remember. It just happened.

We never thought about it. I think we blamed it on the neighbors downstairs. because that made sense. Truth is, it made no sense. And that was the best part of it.

And, to be perfectly honest, everything I had done before made perfect sense. I had always struggled with doing the right thing according to the judges that surrounded me. But I hadn't done the right thing for myself.

This felt right for me.

I remember the day I bought this silly little snow globe. Heather and I had been on one of our Target shopping sprees and decided to stop at Border's on the way home. It was like 3 dollars and I thought, eh, what the heck. Little did I know this would be something I will treasure for my lifetime.

Tom was at band practice when I put the picture of the house in it. I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could give it to him as a sweet gift. I was listening to a Weepies CD, waiting for him to come home. I couldn't wait until he got home. Not because of the snow globe, but because I genuinely couldn't wait for him to come home. The place felt so empty on Monday nights. It was so weird really. I had eaten dinner alone forever. Now, just one night a week without him and I felt like he was gone for a week.

I remember one night two weeks before we closed on the house. I said, Tom, we have to talk. What if you decide I'm not enough? What will we do about the house? I never saw him look so hurt. It was as if I had walked out the door and driven away. He said, what will we do about the house? That thought has never crossed my mind. I know I'm not going anywhere.

I felt like such a jerk. Cause I already knew that. I was using the outline of the old days in my new life. Ms. Jenn....those lines need to fade. This guy is different.

A year has gone by since we first decided to buy this little house. Some may think we are still nuts. Actually I'm sure a few do. And that's ok. For us this is our castle.

Sure it needs a lot of work. But I can tell you today it looks nothing like the picture on MLS that I have in that snow globe. It's gorgeous. Wood floors, french doors and pictures. I adore my home. Our home. And I know this wouldn't be the house for just anyone. Just us.

Maybe to some, its wood and nails. And maybe that's what my home could have been. But for me, this house has a heart and a soul. And there isn't a day that goes by we don't say, isn't this awesome? We may have found this little place but I like to believe it found us.

Great starter or retirement home the ad read. I hope it will be both.

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