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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interview Part 1 Thomas A. Jorgensen

On the way to work this morning, this thought popped into my head. Why not interview everyone I find interesting on my blog? I know a lot of cool people. If you don't know them, well that's probably because they haven't been interviewed yet.

My first interview was with Thomas Jorgensen, a 44 year old Rock Star, Paper Designer who is marveling the masses with his fine looks and hip attitude.....Here he is now.
What's the first thing you can recall?
I'm not sure....I have never been good with that question.

What kind of child were you? Uhh, uhhh. I don't know. I'm not sure. I was inquisitive with the cost of getting in trouble, you know what I mean.
Were you a good kid? I mean, I guess so. I wasn't never bad (laugh).

Did you ever get into trouble?
Yeah, who doesn't get in trouble? If you never got in trouble you were never in trouble. When you’re a child, that's when you push the envelope a little.

What did you wear? I mostly wore what my parents got me. I wasn't one of those cool kids who you know. I had cool corduroy Levis in like five colors. It was the 70's.

What did you look like? As early as 5th grade, I had long hair. I had my revolver style mod haircut. It was blonde. By the time I went into to junior high school I had wings, you know, with the part down the middle. I wore that hairstyle for like another 5 years. Or until I graduated.

What did you like to do as a child?
I was into music from an early age. By fourth grade I had my own little record player. I had a little 45, you know what I mean? I played my Beatles records on there. I told you when I was in fifth grade my mom worked as a waitress and my mom got all the 45's that were from the jutebox. I got really cool R&B stuff....Philly soul. I also started playing french horn in the 4th grade. I was very into the music thing.

What was your fondest memory ?
Christmas morning when I was like 12 years old I got my first drum set. I went downstairs, it was cool. It was a 4 piece set. It was Japanese. It was red sparkles. It was mine. All mine.
Your saddest? Saddest? Wow. Davie's Grandmother died on David and Goliath, laughing. It's really a Christian clay-mation. Gee Goliath, Gee Davie. You know what I mean? Davie, his two parents and his dog, Goliath.

What shaped or influenced you?
Rock and Roll drummers when I was growing up. Like Peter Cris, the drummer from Kiss. I think what shaped me was the mood of the times. I was born in 63, you know. 10-20 was the 60's and 70's for me. So you know.....

What did you like to eat? I don't think I was really ever driven by food before. I can't say there was anything that I always loved or wanted.

How did you feel about school? Well, I don't think the school I went to or most schools teach you what it takes to be a successful person. You know? I wasn't a bad student. I was a B plus student. Well, maybe not 12th grade. I checked out in my senior year. I figured I was going to college, I had good grades.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Ohh, a rock star, c'mon. Even though I had no idea of how much of a job it was.

What was your ideal Friday night as a teenager, keep it clean. Wow, I don't know. I don't know. I. Probably a gig at a backyard party. You know? Or the band I was in would rehearse on Friday nights.

Do you feel you lived your childhood to the fullest? Hmmm, ummmmm. I guess I will always wish I was cool at an earlier age but I guess I was a little on the lame side. But in some ways I think even as a high school kid I did a lot of stuff. Hindsight I would....I don’t think there is a lot of woulda coulda shoulda..but...

What was your favorite car? Hmm. Wow. I was always a Porsche fan. Even at a young age. Porsche 911 SC. Wide body(laugh).

Did you remain friends with any of the kids from your neighborhood? Yeah. More than a handfull. I don’t see them but we are still friends.

If you had one day to go back and be a kid again, knowing what you know now, how would you spend it?
Wow. Hmmm. I don’t know, you know. A day in Manhattan or something like that. I'd do something. You know. I’m not sure. Then again knowing what I know now, with my mom passing away, I think I would spend that day with her (big smile) I’d spend that day with my mom.

Would you buy her lunch? Would I buy her lunch? Of course I would.

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