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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Saturday!

So, today Tom closed off the back door with a wall. It looks so awesome! We went and ordered the supplies and had them delivered. Then we came home and we said bye bye door. It's the last thing in the room that was left to change. We took out two walls, well ok, Tom did. Replaced them. Added a french door. Took down the panel ceiling. He ripped up the floor and now the door. He basically rebuilt the room.

It looks so good!! We are so excited to have the room almost finished.
Taco and Charile got their baths. Yes, I bathe Charlie. He actually loves it. He sits in the tub and even lets me use conditioner. They both look kind of frizzy.

I made some yummy veggie stew that I can't wait to eat. Diane and I went to Trader Joe's and Best Yet to get supplies for vegetarian recipes last night. We totally bought too much. At one point, Diane looked in my cart and said, uh, Jenn, you got a lot of sweets and there. I was like....yep. I know. Me and my sweets. I'm bad!

I'm posting a few pictures as I haven't done that in a while.
Happy Weekend,


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