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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ready, Set, Beads...

So, my show went well. It was a good turn out and it was a lot of fun. I sold lots of goodies, but more important than that...I got good feedback.
I need to thank my Mom for having the party at her place.
Good ole' Blue Car (that's what my dog, Taco, calls my mom).

Thanks Mom!

Well Saturday night was fun, but Monday morning wasn't. I woke up so sick. I went back to work today, but still don't feel right. Tonight, Tom and I went and bought some egg noodles, veggie broth and crackers with hopes I would eat a little. I did. He also got me a iced green tea from Starbucks. T always makes me feel better.

I got my hair cut last weekend. That always makes me feel good. It's short and funky... like me.

I need to get into Christmas shopping mode.
I think I will bake cookies this year. I say that every year.

Talk soon,

Funky J Terrific

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