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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why I Blog...

Some people might say blogging is pretentious. I mean, let's face it, it is...a little. Your talking about yourself and bragging about your life.
Why do I do it?

I do it for me.

I don't do it so people will say how great I'm doing. Or how my hair looks. Or whether or not I still drink too much coffee.

I don't do it so people can sit and cast judgement upon me.

I don't do it so people can say where they think I should be or what I should be.

I do it for me.
For myself.
For Jenn.

I do it because if I would have started blogging just 5 years ago, I would be able see my journey, through my own eyes, as it progressed. Not just looking backwards from today.

Yes, I could have a journal. But, I wouldn't be good about it. I'm an internet girl. It would only make sense that I am more driven to write words online.

Just looking back on this blog already, I see a girl who went from buying beads, to selling beads , in just a few months. I am grateful for this positive experience but reading it, makes me proud.

It's hard to see time in your mind. It's easier to see time in "posts".

I do feel that blogging is personal. Bloggers have different interests, motives and reasons.

For Jenn, it's for Jenn...and so I guess, it's true, now that I'm thinking aloud to myself. It is a bit self serving.

But, so is drinking coffee...and don't we all just drink too much of it?



p.s. This cake is from my 10 year cancer free celebration. I wish I had blogged about my cancer, 11 years ago. I think I would have an even better appreciation for today.

The further we are removed from a situation, the cloudier it seems to look.

And I think reflection, is part of growth.

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