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Monday, December 17, 2007


So my Mom was having some health issues and I have been totally sick over it. I think every cell in my body was stressed. Well, maybe not two or three cells. Those were overloaded with coffee.
I adore my mother. She is the best person I have ever met...since birth. She is beautiful.

She has a radiant smile that glistens even in through the most overcast skies. She knows my history, yet never faults me for it.

Ironically, this weekend, after her tests were over, my thoughts were re-affirmed.

I was food shopping in Waulbaums, when I overheard a mother talking to her pre-teen daughter. Her tone sounded so annoyed, so disgusted. It sounded like her child was such a bother. She wanted her daughter to move a shopping cart. Now, I don't know the pre-cursors of this day for them, but from my perspective, the tone of her voice just was not warranted.

And that's when it hit me. My mother never sounds annoyed at me.

In 35 years, not once has she sounded bothered by me or disgusted by my behavior. Sure, she might think I'm freaky because I want a white artificial tree this year. But even with that, there is humor in her ..are you serious, expression.

I am not a mother. I do not know if I ever will be. But, if I am ever given such a gift, I can tell you this....I want to be like my mother.

To me, she is perfect.

Now I just need to find her the perfect guy.....;) (hehehe, mom...)

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