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Sunday, February 3, 2008

You Can't Keep The Woman Down!!!!!

So, I tried to do the private thing but I just don't feel right about it. I like the fact that it's public. I like sharing my thoughts with the world. I don't want to have to "pick" who I can share it with.

It's been exciting to meet different people who are interested in my story, or my thoughts. Not that I am some type of inspirational goddess or anything, but I do have a story.

I'm a simple girl, living a simple life and it's a good one. I've survived ovarian cancer and divorce. I'm not bitter. I'm not angry. And that is what I want to tell the world. That is what I want to look back on and see when I look at this blog, 10 years from now.

I am so grateful, I want to yell it from the hilltops! And this is my hilltop.

I've made my mistakes. I'm absolutely not faultless. I've screwed up. But, I don't have a mean bone in my body and wish the world the best. Even those who don't wish me well.

I have problems just like anyone else does. Some days suck. But not for any deep rooted reason. Maybe it's just because I'm moody or my hair looks like poop. Or maybe it's because my coffee pot leaked or because my car insurance is due. I don't live in lala land. But heck, I've learned about what's important and what's not.

I live in a one bedroom cottage. It's not everyone's idea of a castle. But, to me, it's Punkass Palace. And, I am the Queen!!! The walls are painted funky colors and we have bongos. I have a chandelier hanging that is of the grandest stature, but I don't have a washer or dryer. Make sense? Yes!!!! It does.

So, I'm re-opening my blog. Comments must be approved, as there is no room for clouds in my sky of glitter.

And my blog deserves to give no more energy to this nonsense.

I'm back,


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