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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1 down, 1 to go

Ok, so the message was here when I got in. The CA125 is within normal limits. Whew. Yeah. Whew. Yeah!!!!

Next I wait for some lab results. Hopefully, that will be in normal limits too.

So, I guess the laundry is safe for the night.

I do get to go for a mammogram..yippie. My first one. I'm not excited.

I'm surprised they haven't sent me for one before considering my family history and my own. When I had asked about it years back, they didn't think it was necessary. Now that I'm 35...almost 36, they feel it's necessary to have a base line done. Let's see where this journey leads. Hopefully no where.

Taco has one paw on my computer and he is staring at me. I swear he is human. Oh he definitely is, he just burped in my face. Between his stinky burps and his stinky breath, I just might pass out.

Ok, let me get ready for laundry nite....

p.s. Here is a picture of a pocketbook I bought on Etsy. It has been said that the nightingale sings all night, with its breast pressed against a thorn, to keep awake because it is afraid of snakes. The past few nights, I have felt like a nightingale.

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