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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Put Your Big Girl and Boy Panties on and Deal With It

Is this a silly story or what?,0,2763034.story

Here are my thoughts...

Dear Randy,

I heard about this recent Mastic apology fiasco.

Here are my thoughts.

I grew up in Shirley and I absolutely take no offense to your comments. The place has it's scary parts and it's good parts, just like any other town. I wonder to myself, if you would have said any other town, would there have been the same response?

It seems like the town is quite defensive. And I'm all for standing up for your rights. But, you could say something about every and any town. Do people get insulted when they are called snobs in Southampton? No. Being called a snob is an insult, but I doubt that this has same results as this Mastic fiasco did. If you would have told a person from Southampton something about the pipes in their mansion, I doubt you would be apologizing, in the local firehouse.

It's radio. Your there to entertain. And you entertain me every day on my way to work, and I thank you for that. It's the only time of the day that I listen to the radio and I listen because of you.

As for people who say you should be let go, it's not there choice. Why do people who work for a school district feel they have the right to manage a radio station? That's like you calling the principle of William Floyd and saying you want a teacher fired. I doubt they would listen to you.

Maybe these people need to spend some of this fabulous energy they have on fixing up the place and removing the stereotype. You were not saying it's an area of bad people. You were saying it's an area that is not glamorous. And let's face's not. You made fun of the truth.

Every morning, I hear jokes about women, about men, about issues, and don't see you apologizing for that. It's radio, people, public radio.

As a public radio listener, I would stop listening to WBLI if you were to be let go. What type of country would this be if a DJ was fired for making fun of something? Isn't that what you are supposed to do?

Truth is, I would be listening to 1010 wins, if I wanted pure facts in the morning.

Feel free to forward my note to anyone.

I stand by my thoughts and wish you the best,

Jennifer Vorraro

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