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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cell Phones Are Weapons

I think cell phones are legalized weapons.

Driving on Easter, we saw a guy, driving a corvette...with his knees! That's right...his knees. His other two hands were busy because he was on the cell phone.

Tonight, we saw a woman in a Volvo driving, using her cell phone. I thought it was pretty ironic being Volvo is known for being a safe car. Tell me, how safe are the other drivers when this woman is on the phone?

This really bothers me because it's so damn selfish. Who do these people think they are? What makes them above the law? And what could they possibly have to say that's so important it's worth risking the lives of others?

I always think back to a story I saw on Oprah years ago. I don't remember the details but I do remember a distraught mother who lost her daughter because her baby was in the back seat when she was hit by a cell phone user. What stands out in my mind was the fact that this woman was on her way home early because she didn't like to drive with the baby in bad weather. She was doing everything right. And the man that hit her was doing everything wrong.

Cell phones are meant for emergencies in the car. Not to catch up on your latest gossip. Or to pay your LIPA bill.

And if there is an emergency, it should be a call made with a hands free device.

Not only is it against the law, but it's immoral.

The next time you go to make that call, think about it. Think about the call that man was making the day he took that little girl's life. What could make that call right in your mind?


And that's how wrong your next call could be.

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