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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Milli Is Back In Action

Yeah...I finally have my car back. For two nights my little car was stuck in the craft store parking lot. Poor Milli (that's my car's name). I hope she did some good shopping.

I had to get a key from the dealer because the key cannot be made by a locksmith. And it takes 24 hrs to get it. Make a long story short, thank God I work with a sweetie who has been picking me up and driving me home. It made life a lot easier. Oh, and the ride was sweeter because we stopped at Starbucks, of course.

The whole reason I was going to the craft store was to buy supplies to make a new wreath for my front door. I'm so bored by all those "traditional" wreaths that store's sell. I told myself I would not have a wreath that had a bow on it. I just wanted something fun and funky.

So, I made a wreath last nite. I hope the peacock does not scare away my neighbors.
What do you think?

I also made a bunch of earrings last nite. Often, when I have a lot on my mind, I find release in making jewelry. And, boy, I surely needed it.

Creative therapy. Who would have thought I would find a lot of answers to my questions, while looping wire.



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