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Monday, April 14, 2008

Losing It

Tonight I lost my car keys in a craft store. I swear it's true. Ridiculous, but very true.

I went into the store to clear my head. And instead, lost my keys.

Thanks to Diane and to Tom, I did make it home. But my car is somewhere tonite, without me.

I have only one set of keys(dumb, so I tried to get it towed home. But, no tow company takes credit cards at night. And the tow truck guys were not so friendly.

I just wanted to clear my head. To brainstorm a wreath for the front door. And somehow, the store ate my keys. Ridiculous, but it has to be true. Where else could they possibly be?

Oh, Jenn. Breathe. It will be ok. Have a few graham crackers. Be thankful for a soft pillow. Tell your doggy you are so sorry he had to wait so long for you to get home tonight. Be grateful for a friend, who took you to her house and made you blueberry tea and offered you ziti, cupcakes, ice cream...anything...just to get you eat.

Be grateful for your boyfriend, who bought you a baked potatoe with brocolli and cheese because you hadn't eaten dinner yet.

And be thankful for your kitty cat who was sitting on the window waiting for you to come home.

Put it all into perspective, Ms. Jennifer.

You are now truly human.

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Lor J. said...

Oh this reminds me of the day I went home early because my feet were in blisters from the boots I wore, to realize I didn't bring my keys. - So I sat on the stairs for 5 hours till my husband came home from work, not kidding lol..

These things don't happen very often, so might as well go through them and laugh it off :)

Thank you for visiting my site! Your jewelry is very sweet and beautiful :) The dangles look like little dandy umbrellas, love them! :)