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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Sweet Love, and Home

Today, Tom and I did some driving around our neighborhood. We were checking out houses, seeing what was around and thinking about what we will do, housewise, in the future.

Basically, dreaming.

The funny thing is, even in our dreams, we liked our house best.

It was built in the 40's. It has a "front room" and a barn. A tiny piece of property, perfect for two people who refuse to own a lawn mower.

It was a summer cottage for, Stella, the previous homeowner. Stella was here for 50 years. There was only one owner before her.

Interestingly enough, when we moved in, there was no feel of anyone one, just us. We didn't get a sense of it being anyone else's house, but ours.

We worked our sweet butts off on this little castle for the past year. I mean worked. At one point the whole back of the house was open! No insulation, no walls...and no hired hands. It was quite the adventure.

From an overflowing toilet, to no hot water...we (hopefully) have seen it all.

We spent our vacation last year, scraping, priming and painting.

But, not once, did we have regret. Only pride, excitement and gratitude. And I can say that for the both of us.

Is it a sacrafice? Absolutely not.

Sure, we didn't go out much. And our money was spent at the garden center instead of at the movies. But the truth is, we like staying home and watching our movies at home. So it worked out just perfectly.

Whenever we talk about leaving this place, we laugh and say, you know we are dying here.

It's not big. But it's enormous.
It's not fancy. But it's extravagent.
It's not modern, but this is our now.

Maybe it's all about timing. Things beging "ripe". I'm not sure. But I can say, two simple people found simple peace in a house that was hoping to be a home.

I have always dreamed of a funky, little house. One not like everyone else's.

I have always dreamed of being with a person, who couldn't wait to come home. And didn't want to leave.

I now how both.

If you told me 10 years ago, I would be here today, I would have looked at you like you were nutz.

If you told me today, that life will be different 10 years from now, I would tell you that your insane.

Sometimes life, takes you in circles. Sometimes it takes you up and down.

But sometimes, it takes you just where you need to be.

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Joan said...

hello beautiful Jenn...

I don't know how you found me but I'm so happy you did because otherwise I would never have found you :)

I love your blog... the story about your house, and how you met your wonderful man, all of it is so beautiful.

I am enamored with your writing, and your word weaving, and now I am off to see the wonders you create at Etsy!

It is truly wonderful to meet you, and perhaps after my 200 boxes are unpacked from moving today I can sit with a cup or a glass of something divine and spend some time catching up on your story... for it is an intoxicating story indeed :)