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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Praying For a Nicer World

Last night, George Michael was on American Idol. He sang, Praying For Time. What a moving, beautiful, emotional song. And you could see the beauty and emotion in him. I never really saw this side of him before, so I did some google research.

Sadly, what I found disgusted me.

Or should I say, the comments I saw from the public disgusted me. People ridicule him, wish ill on him and have digust towards him because of his sexuality.

Why do you care people? What is it of your business? He is an entertainer. He gets paid to entertain. He doesn't get paid to impress you with his sexual preferences.

Oh, but wait...maybe that's what we want. Yes, that is what we want. Look at Gene Simmon's new show. We love it. We love watching a non-commital man, who states he slept with over 5 thousand women, live his "ordinary" life.

I guess it's acceptable, because it is said he slept with the opposite sex. I guess it's acceptable that he refuses to marry the mother of his children, because he's a rock star. That's what they do. They fool around, take drugs and don't promise anything. And we accept that. The way the show portrays him, it seems acceptable to be disrespectful to his girlfriend. He, in front of all of us, brags about his ladies.

But, if a man chooses to be homosexual, we wish he bad things on the premis that he deserves it? What the hell is wrong with people? No one deserves it. Homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, a-sexual....everyone deserves to be happy.

I really don't care what people do in their bedrooms. BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY BUSINESS. It has nothing to do with me. If Gene Simmons lives that lifestyle, and his girlfriend doesn't change my life. If George Michael sleeps with men, instead of doesn't alter my day. It shouldn't alter my day.

There are slimy people, who do the wrong every type of relationship.
And there are fabulous people, who do the right thing, in every type of relationship.

Why is our world so hypocritical?

We applaud the ladies man? Because he's a ladies man?
Condone the man's man? Just because he's a man's man?

Take a few minutes to read these lyrics, written by George Michael. Download the song. It's beautiful.

I'd bet you any day, that George Michael is faithful to his partner. And that's more than I can say about a lot of the men we give kudos too.

In the meantime, I will pray for a nicer world. One that steps back. One that doesn't judge a man based on what he thinks love is. One, that shows acceptance...and repels ignornace.

Thanks for letting me write my mind,


Praying For Time
George Michael

These are the days of the open hand
They will not be the last
Look around now
These are the days of the beggars and the choosers

This is the year of the hungry man
Whose place is in the past
Hand in hand with ignorance
And legitimate excuses

The rich declare themselves poor
And most of us are not sure
If we have too much
But we'll take our chances
Because god's stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us alt out to play
Turned his back and all god's children
Crept out the back door

And it's hard to love, there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
When there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much too late
Well maybe we should all be praying for time

These are the days of the empty hand
Oh you hold on to what you can
And charity is a coat you wear twice a year

This is the year of the guilty man
Your television takes a stand
And you find that what was over there is over here

So you scream from behind your door
Say "what's mine is mine and not yours"
I may have too much but i'll take my chances
Because god's stopped keeping score
And you cling to the things they sold you
Did you cover your eyes when they told you

That he can't come back
Beacuse he has no children to come back for

It's hard to love there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it's much too late
So maybe we should all be praying for time

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