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Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank You Old Friend...

Today I turned in the lease on my Jeep Liberty.

Now, I have to admit...with gas prices the way they are...turning the Jeep in on a financial note, makes sense.

And I adore my new car. It's very me.

But today, I felt a little melancholy when we left the the Jeep dealer's parking lot. Kind of like I was leaving behind an old friend. One of those friends that you know you have to walk away from, but you will always treasure the history.

That was my first brand new car. The first car in my own name. My first move that really established my new independence and the start of a very

I felt stronger in that truck. Like it had a magical power or something. Like a soft turtle in a hard shell, I felt stronger inside those metal walls.

And that little truck stood by my side through some drastic changes. I drove it to the storage center, every week, as I packed up my belongings and left my house after a divorce. The same house, that was my childhood home.

It took those same boxes, to our apartment. The apartment that became a stepping stone. And although it was quite a pretty place, we did not have a pretty person living downstairs from us. But even that became a blessing in disguise.

And then, it carried those boxes again, to our house.

Ironically, just when my lease was up, so was the major work on the house. Almost as if it knew.

I know a truck is just a truck. It's replaceable...It's just stuff. And I know that today I was not really saying goodbye to the steel and rubber that had been my protection for the last 3 plus years. I was really saying goodbye to a difficult, but amazing transition in my life.

Thank you old friend. While I know it is the right time for us to say goodbye, I also know you are a memory I will always treasure.

For now,


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