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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doggy Beauty School Drop Out

Poor Taco. He always gets the brunt of my desire to be a dog groomer. I tried once. I started the course. Sure, I didn't finish it...but does that really matter? Well, by looking at his hair, I guess it does.

I play beauty parlor with Taco. I wash his hair, cut it and then splash him with lavendar scented oil. Trim, trim, trim. A little here. A little there. Before you know it, everything is crooked.

Is it the fact that I use scissors from the dollar store? I'm sure that doesn't help.

This was Taco this morning. Laying back on a chair, he had this look that said, if the other dogs see this haircut, I'm done.

My poor boy. I just keep telling him how gorgeous he is because even with a bad haircut, he is my beautiful boy.

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