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Friday, June 13, 2008

When I Met Him

When I met him I felt 15,
But, I was praying he wouldn't think I looked more than 33.
When I met him I wanted to look my best,
But, not look like I was trying to impress.
When I met him I felt like I was on line waiting for a ferris wheel ride,
But, I didn't want to move from the spot I was standing in.
When I met him I wanted him to judge me from that moment on,
But, I wanted to tell him my life story.
When I met him, we were supposed to have coffee,
But, I never took a sip.
When I met him, I was impressed by his style,
But, I was secretly hoping he was comfortable in sweats.
When I met him, Jenn became an interesting girl,
But I was terrified, for those in my past had told me different.

When I met him, I met myself.

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