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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love Is All Around You

It's true. Take this moment to look around.

My Aunt Theresa is very ill and my Mom went to see her today. My Mom called me tonight to talk about her visit. I couldn't go...honestly, I don't know why. But I couldn't.

After getting off the phone with my Mom, I started to cry. Thinking of Aunt Theresa and Uncle Billy, breaks my heart. They adore each other and watching her in pain, kills him. I don't know for whom my sorrow is stronger for.

I said Tom, you better never get sick because you have to take care of me like that. He said, I know. But, what he said after that is what got me.

He said, you better love everyone now. This is the only chance you have. And it was at that moment it hit me, it is my only chance.

Why do I get pissed off at stupid things? Would I be pissed off if I new today was my last day? No. Would I say stupid things that might hurt someone's feelings if I new it was their last day? Of course not. Well, the truth is, it just might be. You never really know.

And I'm talking about all types of love. Loving your Mom, your husband, your sister, your cousin, your mailman, the person you meet in the food store. Everyone.

Why don't we?

Love is all around me. Sometimes I know I don't pay attention nearly enough. But like Tom said, I better love everyone now. It's my only chance.

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